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ray hoerning

looking for a way to repair the door latch so the car can be locked from the
outside using the door key

Steve Barney


I received the manual today, and I'm looking forward to reading and using it. After owning my Avanti since 1967, I'm looking forward to restoring the car. With the help of your manual, I'm sure the process will go faster and easier now.

You mentioned that one could buy a stainless steel gas tank for an Avanti. Could you provide me with a vendor(s)name and contact information?

Thanks again.


jim benett 4257 charleston hwy... windsor, sc ...29856

i have a 1978 avanti ii... the passengars side window..needs a motor and window support... where can i find... also is a cross reference parts list available...?

Dwayne Jacobson

I have a 69 Avanti II and seriously looking at changing the steering to Rack and Pinion - has this been done and what can I find out about the procedure
Dwayne Jacobson
White Rock BC Canada

Rick Ulerick

Like to know the easyest way to remove a heater coil for a 1987 Avanti LSC
and Where to get a replacement at (do I have to remove the dash broad?)

Rick Ulerick

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